Your orders are helping those in need across Cyprus.

Dinner Boxx has proudly partnered up with the non-profit charity Helping Hearts LTD Cyprus.
 It is an absolute privilege to be apart of an amazing organisation who work endlessly day and night helping those in need. Every month, 10% of our profits will be donated to the charity. These funds are vital as they help the charity function at full capacity aiding in the fuel and delivery costs to the many homes across Cyprus. Just read below to see the wonderful work our partners are doing.

Helping Hearts is a voluntary group run by Brian and Zanka Randall, first established in March 2020 as the COVID19 pandemic reached Cyprus and the country went into lock-down. Suddenly many businesses were closed, and the tourist industry, on which the Famagusta area relies so heavily on, was unable to restart for the season after a long winter - this meant that so many families were in sudden and desperate need.

The Cyprus government put into place a support scheme but this was not available to everyone for various reasons, and could only cover the bare minimum of a families outgoings at best. Many were struggling to buy enough food to feed themselves and their children.

After receiving help themselves and realising they had been given more than they needed, Zanka and Brian, along with helpers Helen Ingham and Natalie Tooth formed Helping Hearts and went on to provide a lifeline for those in need.
The team began to collect donations and began to prepare and deliver hearty, healthy and filling meals. 7 days a week they were in the kitchens preparing food from early morning for delivery every evening around 6 pm, at their busiest they were making over 100 meals daily.

Delivering the meals adhering to all social distancing measures, and during the strictest period of the Cyprus lock-down making sure they always had permission to be out on the road, and ensuring they were always home by the curfew.

As the lock-down lifted and businesses started to reopen, Helen and Natalie have been lucky to have the chance to return to work. Brian and Zanka continue to dedicate their time to Helping Hearts and have many hopes and plans for the future to continue supporting those who need it. They have switched from daily meal deliveries to the distribution of care packs, to try and give people back a sense of normality.

What Helping Hearts give to the community is more than just food, often they have provided a ‘shoulder to cry on’ and given people the sense that they are not alone in this crisis. While their healthy meals and food packs support the immune systems and health of their recipients, their mental health is just as important and this is something they realise and make every effort to help with.

Helping Hearts Famagusta is now fully registered as a non-profit limited company. They are also now in the process of expanding island wide and are looking for helpers, volunteers and donations all over the island.
You can help by donating via paypal using or GoFund https://

Donations are also very gratefully accepted and can be dropped off at


Fatcatz Mobilty, Deryneia,
The Road Cyprus, Kapparis
The Greenery, Protaras
Butterflies Tea Room and English Deli, Oroklini

All donations gratefully received but they are in desperate need of the following:


Long life milk,
Dried / canned foods,
Toiletries and sanitary items

Clothes donations are also welcomed.

You can contact Helping Hearts via

Email: at 
Facebook: https:// 
call 96170143

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